Ovation New Zealand Limited is an integrated Lamb sourcing, slaughter, processing and exporting business striving to deliver consumers the world’s best-quality lamb. We provide unique flavour profiles and the ultimate dining experience, supported by the best possible product shelf life and food safety standards. If you are a retailer, food service distributor or internet marketing business seeking direct supply of such a product, please contact us today.



We are firm believers that you are what you eat. That’s why we keep things natural throughout our supply chain. Our farmers follow sustainable farming practices and raise our lambs in a pure and clean environment according to the rhythms of nature. Our product is minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients. It’s natural food, made the natural way.


Ovation is made up of honest people with a real passion for farming and a commitment to produce the best lamb in the world. We’re renowned for a consistent, high-quality product that’s available all year round without fail. It’s open and honest communication, and trusted relationships that keep our supply and service possible.


Ovation lamb is a premium product that’s been produced to suit an array of occasions, flavours and menus. Our products and packaging formats are varied to suit customers and tastes. What Ovation lamb never differs on is delivering the highest possible food safety standards. These assurances also mean that our lamb comes with the best possible shelf life.


Ovation New Zealand Limited is 100% New Zealand privately owned and operated. With our three modern facilities all in the more temperate North Island of New Zealand, we’re able to supply product 52 weeks of the year. We work directly with supermarkets and food service providers around the globe. We build long-term customer supply programmes based on consistent availability of an exceptional product to a consistent specification, with the best possible shelf life.


Ovation operates three modern plants in the North Island of New Zealand. Throughout all of the facilities substantial investment has been made in state of the art technology, machinery, processes and quality assurance programmes to ensure our products meet and exceed the highest international quality standards and customer expectations.

Our slaughter plants have been designed with small livestock holding facilities to ensure a minimal period of time between lambs arriving at the plant and processing taking place.

The emphasis is on ensuring a clean, cold and simple environment to process chilled products. These are key factors in achieving the longest possible shelf life. This process requires that strict standards are met on all aspects of hygiene and temperature control through the production and distribution process.

Feilding plant


Gisborne plant


Waipukurau plant


Ovation products are also processed and packaged at Progressive Meats Limited and our affiliate company Te Kuiti Meat Processors Limited

We are also a major joint-venture shareholder in three complementary companies that help us to maximise revenue for our Ovation farmers:

Pasture Petfoods New Zealand Limited

Producing and exporting frozen bulk packed lamb, beef and venison by-product material for the manufacture of petfoods pasturepetfoods.co.nz

Progressive Leathers Limited

Producing and exporting pickled pelts, wool on skins and slipe wool pllnz.co.nz

Classic New Zealand Limited

Sheepskin tannery and manufacturer specialising in producing high quality sustainable sheepskin products classicsheepskins.com

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Willem Sandberg

Managing Director

Willem joined Ovation in 1997 as Chief Financial Officer and was appointed to the role of Managing Director in 2003. Before joining ONZ, Willem held various senior financial roles in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Alastair Bayliss

General Manager - Ovation

Worked in the Industry since 1996 including 7 years offshore in the UK and EU before joining Ovation in 2008.

Warren Macdonald

Sales Manager

With over 30 years in the meat industry, Warren has been involved in all facets of production from slaughter and processing through to sales and marketing.

Hylton Bayliss

Procurement Manager

Hylton has over 25 years in the meat industry with various roles including Plant Management and roles in both domestic and local processing operations. Included in this was 6 years in the UK as a Product Manager working with retail, wholesale and food service customers. Hylton has also worked in the New Zealand retail industry.

Chris Mawson

Group Technical Manager

Chris began his career in the meat industry with MAF/MPI in 1984 spending the next 16 years at meat plants in the lower North Island. In 2000 he was appointed Director NI operations and later Technical Manager for the NZFSA. Outside of New Zealand Chris has been involved in market access negotiations in China, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Nicola McHaffie

Group Sustainability Manager

Nicola joined Ovation in 2022 as Sustainability Manager. Prior to this she has worked alongside farmers in various farming, council, and industry good roles to help them on their environmental and sustainability journey.

Livestock Management & BOOKINGS

Andy Darling

Livestock Manager

for Wairarapa, Hawke’s Bay, King Country

 06 306 8480 (a/h)
 0272 307 125

Wayne Harding

Livestock Manager

for Manawatu, Wanganui, Taihape

 06 323 7940
 0275 965 048

Will Faulks

Livestock Manager


 06 867 6018 (a/h)
 021 901 695

Tony Rusling

Livestock Bookings - Feilding

 06 323 7640 (ext 703)
 0274 930 265

Peter Jackson

Livestock Manager

for Manawatu, Wanganui, Taihape

 0273 930 001



The Ovation United Kingdom office has been established for more than 20 years and services multiple market sectors through long standing supply partnerships.

Relationship focused, the team based in Bristol provide personalised customer service and manage the entire supply-chain including the importation, logistics and sales and marketing functions across four key sectors:

1. RETAIL: Through retailer, packer and manufacturer partnerships we supply raw and further processed chilled lamb into several UK retail chains.

2. BUTCHERY: We supply the Ovation ‘Chef Ready’ Range of chilled and frozen lamb cuts into UK High Street Butchers and Catering Butchers via a select group of distribution partners.

3. FOODSERVICE: The Ovation ‘Chef Ready’ Range of frozen lamb cuts has established itself on many of the large restaurant and pub chain menus. Boneless lamb rumps and loins, bone in French trim racks and hindshanks along with an array of other cuts provide a variety of lamb cuts to suit every menu.

4. WHOLESALE / MANUFACTURING: Selling catering and manufacturing trims and other products into the wholesale manufacturing businesses.

If you are a user of lamb, mutton and associated products please do not hesitate to contact the Ovation UK team.