Free to Roam

We raise our lambs with Mother Nature at our side. Free to roam on lush green pastures in sunshine and fresh air produces animals that are healthy, nourished and stress-free. Our farms are spread across the North Island of New Zealand, where grass grows in abundance year round.

Ovation lamb is born and raised in one of the most pristine places on the planet, New Zealand. It’s a natural and unpolluted environment with open pastures, fresh air and sunshine. This impacts directly on the quality and flavour of our meat. It’s pure, healthy and a product you can trust.



Many of our farmers are tending land that their forebears farmed. Being third, fourth, even sixth generation farming families adds another dimension to their day’s work. They have an immense sense of pride in their work and the quality of the lamb they produce. And with the next generation in the wings, this pride will be carried on through the Ovation family in years to come.

Ovation was built by good honest folk and integrity drives us today. Our farmers raise their animals using best practice farm management. Our lamb is 100% grass-fed and free-range. All lambs are raised without antibiotics, growth hormones or genetically engineered feed. Processed with skill and care, Ovation lamb meets the highest international quality standards.


Ovation lamb comes from four unique regions of New Zealand. Each area is made up of different soil structures, climate, sunlight and grass types resulting in subtle yet different flavour profiles. Our lamb is produced to suit multiple cuisine options. Whatever way you prepare it, the tenderness and natural 100% grass-fed flavour will be uncompromised.