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The truth is, some people do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
By adding in that little ‘extra’, that’s truly when the magic happens.

That little extra, it’s that which inspires us. Powering our bodies with the best to achieve our greatness.

We are extremely proud to sponsor and support those who energise us, chasing adventure every day.


Meet 16 year old New Zealander Tyler Waite, Under 17 iXS International Rookies Champion.

Growing up in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, Tyler was quick to learn he loved being on the seat. Riding and racing BMX bikes since he was 4 he was the Mighty 11 Test Team Captain for New Zealand and NZ1 in 2019, thriving in this family sport. Moving into mountain biking at age 12, his passion grew into something bigger. Tyler soon found himself shifting more and more of his attention to the sport and any spare time is now spent out on his bike training or just riding with friends in Hawke’s Bay or Rotorua. In 2023, Tyler’s had a breakout year in the sport competing in the 2W Enduro series winning every round. Crankworx Rotorua 2023 saw him placed 1st in DH, Air DH, Dual Slalom and Pump Track, backed up with 1st place in DH, Dual Slalom and Pump Track at Crankworx Cairns 2023. These performances cemented his path to the World Cup Rookie circuit in Europe crowning him the Under 17 iXS International Rookies Champion. He is beyond fired up to keep making a name for himself and start on the professional circuit in 2024. We’re just excited to be along for the ride!



some quick fire questions to learn more about tyler


My earliest memory would have to be when I was 5-6 years of age, riding around my local BMX track with my dad. That’s where it all began and my love of biking took hold. It’s something we’ve always done as a family and is in our blood.


Without doubt, that was a year ago when I badly broke my wrist while riding at my favourite local track at Te Mata Peak, Havelock North. It took the wind out of my sails not being able to ride for a few months, but thankfully my arm has fully recovered and I’m back doing what I love.


Europe for a month this year! While I was in Switzerland and Austria, everyday I was lucky enough to be able to ride the impressive mountainous trails of Verbier, Schladming and Bellwald. What amazing places and people. I had so much fun!


I know this sounds strange, but it’s watching my friends crash – and not getting hurt of course! I’m very lucky to have such a great group of mates who enjoy spending as much time as we can together riding the trails around New Zealand. They’re a great bunch and we always have each others back. Of course, like all guys our age we’re pretty competitive but there’s always a heap of laughs and lots of fun times. It’s just the best!


Would definitely have been the race events I did in Europe this year. New people, new tracks, new scenes and what an awesome time. Of course, winning the title of Under 17 iXS International Rookie Champion makes it one to remember!


Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand is where I have grown up and lived. It’s on the East Coast of the North Island.


I love riding and practicing at Skyline Queenstown over the summer months with my friends.  It’s epic! The past two summers have been spent there and I’m really looking forward to heading off there again this summer. Love the place!


Of course my all time favourite is roasted Lamb rack. It’s the bomb!


I guess it’s the saying, it’s what you do everyday that counts. Riding my bike is my happy place and I do this everyday, at every opportunity I can. Starting off at 4 years of age, riding and racing BMX has really given me good bike skills and knowing how to handle things at full speed when split second decisions count. That’s what has helped me.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – it’s the best way to learn. Risk is reward, just dive in and give it a go. And make sure you’re having plenty of fun along the way, with good mates of course!




So why Ovation and Tyler Waite?

Our mission is to inspire the world with the best nutrition and good health from New Zealand’s finest lamb

Ovation is excited to sponsor 16 year old Tyler Waite, the mountain biker taking the world by storm. It offers us an opportunity to tell our story about the health benefits and nutritional qualities of Ovation lamb.

It’s a great way to talk to our farming partners, customers and consumers – whether young or old, male or female, sports junkie or those of us just enjoying life smelling the roses as we go. Everyday people, doing every day things, helping them function at their best by eating one of mother nature’s greatest superfoods.

We can all connect with a youth believing in themselves and following their dream – being nothing but extraordinary. Whether you yourself are that person, the parent, the friend or the grandparent; it’s that empathy for passion and living our best life that brings us together.


It’s that little ‘extra’ in lamb that creates the magic.

Nature’s power pack: a lot in a little.

Lamb’s unique package of essential nutrients provides ‘a lot in a little’, meaning a moderate portion contributes significantly to daily nutrient requirements. It is a rich source of bioavailable protein that is highly absorbable, digestible and provides all essential amino acids necessary for DNA repair and muscle synthesis.

But lamb is more than protein and iron; it is also an ultimate source of bioavailable zinc, and vitamin B12 and provides selenium, vitamin D and B vitamins. It contributes monounsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids which are important for optimal health. A significant portion of the lipids in lean lamb are in the form of phospholipids, which are a source of choline, contributing to normal fat and homocysteine metabolism. When trimmed of visible fat, lamb is low in total fat and saturated fatty acids.

Regular consumption may promote muscle growth, maintenance and performance and help prevent anaemia. Providing nutrients that enable optimal growth and development in childhood, and maintenance of health and well-being throughout adulthood into older age1Ovation lamb, packing such a lot in a little.

1. Source: Beef and Lamb NZ.


That’s why the extraordinary is all about that… little extra.