Mantle Hill

Hamish Briant

“I wouldn’t be driven like I am if it wasn’t for the next generation – wanting to provide something for them so that they can carry on with the farming tradition.”

Hi I’m Hamish Briant and we hope you enjoy the product we produce. Along with my wife Jo we are the 3rd in the Briant generation farming in Patutahi after my grandfather purchased here in the late 1920’s. My father Frank is still active in the business and, in addition to the home property, we lease a further 200 acres for finishing.  Looking forward we hope one day our children will grow up and become the 4th Briant generation to farm here. We are driven by the need to continually improve our property and the farming systems in the desire to leave an even better place for the next generation.  We pride ourselves in the 100% grass fed lambs we supply to Ovation.

Farm Biography

Farmer: Hamish Briant

Mantle Hill

Location: -38.622985, 177.876823
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Farm size: 495 Acres or 200 Hectares
Description: Specialist lamb finishing property
History: 2nd and 3rd generation farmers