Ohotu Station

Dean Francois - Manager

“We’ve got these beautiful volcanic soils which were a gift from the mountain and it’s our job to farm it properly.”

Welcome to Ohotu Station, one of eight breeding and finishing properties under the Atihau-Whanganui Incorporation established in 1970 to manage 101,000 Acres of Historic Maori land. Managed by Dean Francois, the flat to rolling hill country property has a high annual rainfall enabling 30,000 lambs to be carried and finished over the summer. Lambs supplied to Ovation are 100% grass fed raised without antibiotics, hormones or genetically engineered feed.

Farm Biography

Farmer: Manager: Dean Francois
Property: Ohotu Station
Location: -39.443110, 175.462246
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Farm size: 3,615 Acres or 1,463 Hectares
Description: Flat to rolling hill country
History: A Maori Incorporation established in 1970, following an order of the Maori Land Court to take back (resume and manage) 101,000 acres of land vested into the Aotea Maori Land Council by Whanganui Maori in 1903.