Paparata farms fisher block

Seymour Spence - Manager

“We ensure we farm the most productive animals in a sustainable environment, with a focus on producing a healthy lamb for the world market.”

Seymour Spence, Daniel Haugh, Rachel Dobson and Susan Spence welcome you to Fisher Block, one of four properties farmed as Paparata Farms. The four properties are under 3rd generation ownership by Trevor Johnson who’s grandfather from Ireland started farming in New Zealand in 1915. Farming this iconic hill country deep in the King Country is challenging but so rewarding. As much as possible we engage natural farm practices while farming the most productive animals in a sustainable environment. Of course all the lambs supplied to Ovation are 100% grass fed raised without antibiotics, hormones or genetically engineered feed.

Farm Biography

Owner: Trevor Johnson
Manager: Seymour Spence
Property: Paparata Farms Fisher Block
Location: -38.913228, 174.961355
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Farm size: 4,270 Acres or 1,730 Hectares
Description: Iconic NZ hill country
History: Family owned since 1915