Pihitia Station

Toby Williams

“Our lamb is beautiful, healthy and well looked after. We put 100% of our effort into making sure that it’s perfect when it goes out the gate.”

Hi I’m Toby Williams the 5th generation Williams to farm this property. Pihitia has always been family farmed, with my great great grandfather buying the property in 1896. He was a farming pioneer and a great conservationist. He planted 1000’s of trees in his time and to this day we still plant hundreds of tress annually. We make a 100% effort to ensure all the lambs that leave our property are produced under the highest animal welfare standards and to exacting weight and condition specifications.  They are all 100% grass fed and raised without antibiotics, hormones or genetically engineered feed.

Farm Biography

Farmer: Toby Williams
Property: Pihitia Station
Location: -38.627992, 178.166252
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Farm size: 2,500 Acres or 1,000 Hectares
Description: Coastal hill country breeding and finishing
History:  6th generation farmers. Family owned since 1896