Silverton Pastoral

Abbiss Family

“We have reliable rainfall on the plains, which means we can pretty much farm twelve months of the year.”

Hello, I’m Michael Abbiss and welcome to Silverton, our family farm on the Central Plains. Timothy, James and I (pictured) along with Donna my wife, and our oldest son Hugh run the farm business where we specialise in lamb finishing for Ovation.  We are the third and fourth generation farmers here following my grandfather and father. Our three sons are all passionate about farming and we look forward to their involvement in the future. Our lambs are raised on regenerated grasses grown from grass seed we produce and harvest ourselves.  Our lambs are always 100% grass fed and raised without antibiotics, hormones or genetically engineered feed.

Farm Biography

Farmer: Mike Abbiss
Property: Silverton Pastoral
Location: 15 minutes north of Feilding
‘-40.121909, 175.491062
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Farm size: 1,976 Acres or 800 Hectares
Description: Central plains finishing block
History: 3rd and 4th generation farmers